Doja Cat Will Headline the Victoria’s Secret World Tour- All the Fashion Show Details

Transgender Model Emira D'Spain Talks Working With Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret is making a pit stop on Planet Her.

Doja Cat has been revealed as the headliner for The Victoria's Secret World Tour this fall, the lingerie brand's first televised runway show since 2018. At the event, which will be part fashion show part documentary Doja will perform two of her recently released songs—though she hasn't confirmed which exactly.

"Victoria's Secret has always been such a fun, go-to brand for me since early on, and I love that I can still say that today," Doja told Harper's Bazaar in an August 3 interview. "Being a part of a global phenomenon like the Tour has been an incredible experience."

The "Woman" singer also reflected on her concept of beauty, and how working on The Tour helped her reconnect with that.

"My idea of what makes me beautiful, sexy, and confident has evolved so much over the years, but I've always known that what matters most is how I feel about myself," she added. "To me, sexy is being comfortable in my own skin and celebrating myself for who I am. Being a part of the Tour really helped connect me with that."

photosRunway Rewind: Inside the First-Ever Victoria's Secret's Fashion Show

In addition to the 27-year-old's performances, the special will feature the "VS20," which is a group of 20 creatives from around the world to create ensembles for the newly imagined runway show in collaboration with Victoria's Secret.

Following its last runway show, the brand found itself mired in turmoil as then Chief Marketing Officer Ed Razek received backlash after making offensive comments about why there weren't any transgender or plus-sized models in the show. Though he issued an apology the next day, Ed eventually resigned from his role in 2019.  

Now four years later, this year's special promises to be a "new version" of the fashion show, in line with some of the other initiatives the company has taken in recent months, including hiring "more models and ambassadors of diverse sizes, ages abilities and identities."

Victoria?s Secret/Carlijn Jacobs

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For her part, Doja has also been working hard to create something new. In fact, she is set to release her first album since 2021's Planet Her. 

"I don't want to spoil too much, but like past projects, there's lots of different energy to songs, plus new sounds that I've never explored before," she said of the new music to Harper's Bazaar. "So that is exciting to me, and I can't wait to put it out."

You can tune into the Victoria's Secret World Tour September 26 on Prime Video.

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