COVID-19 Has Been ‘Apocalyptic’ for Public Transit. Will Congress Offer More Help-

While trying to get to work over the past few months, Brittany Williams, a Seattle home care worker, has often been passed by two or three buses before one stops… Read more

Finding Small Moments of Joy in Dark Times

Sometimes the smallest moments of joy are the only ones that feel possible. That’s what Nora McInerny learned in 2014, when she lost her 35-year-old husband and her father to… Read more

Israel Is the Center of Alternative Meat Tech

At the annual Food Tech Israel conference held in Tel Aviv on Nov. 7, exhibitioners offered samples of hydroponically-grown vanilla, reduced-sugar sugar, protein bars with all the benefits of breast… Read more

Humpback Whales Have Made a Remarkable Recovery

In the depths of the ocean, and out of sight for most of us, there’s a quiet miracle happening. Many humpback whale populations, previously devastated by commercial whaling, are making… Read more

Exercise May Help You Better Tolerate Pain

Chronic pain is now more prevalent in the U.Sคำพูดจาก สล็อตเว็บตรง. than either depression or diabetes. It can be persistent and hard to treat—but two recent studies, one about a potential… Read more

Modern Sustainability Meets 200-Year-Old American Tradition

This article is excerpted from TIME: SUSTAINABILITY, available at retailers and on Amazon. In his book Walden, the American essayist Henry David Thoreau famously documented his attempts to live simply… Read more

She’s a Happiness Professor. Her Lessons Are Helping Her Beat Burnout

A dental emergency was Laurie Santos’ wake-up call. It wasn’t even her own: One of Santos’ students at Yale University needed her sign-off before getting some work done. Instead of… Read more

Schools and Pediatricians Will Be Key to Biden’s Childhood Vaccine Rollout

The White House outlined its COVID-19 plan to vaccinate younger children which would focus on smaller doses administered with smaller needles if the shots are authorized by regulators. “We will… Read more

The U.S. Wants to Build a Clean-Energy Economy. But First It Needs China’s Help

Ford is moving so fast to implement its $50 billion electric-vehicle transformation that construction workers were still installing equipment at its new electric-vehicle battery hub on Monday when the company… Read more
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